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How to create a modernized hotel website design?

Maybe you can follow the 5 rules from my point of view:

1. Responsive design: The hotel websites should be well supported on all devices.

2. Excellent user experience: Simplified website browsing process can bring a good user experience. Because if it is difficult to find a common page or arrive at the reservation page to complete the purchase, it is likely to lose many potential users.

3. Storytelling: Does your website understand what’s the next step once a guest checks into the hotel? Can it be smart to guide the next trip?

4. Convenient booking: Make the booking process as simple as possible for a maximum return. The tedious user information and payment information filling may result in the loss of users.

5. Visual reality: The best and most effective website is a website that attracts visitors to spend time exploring. Professional photography and video are great media for storytelling, especially for hotels and resorts.

The molding of a hotel website design generally goes through a lot of design processes. From the very beginning, at the stage of prototyping design, it decides the page layout of the site.

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